Request Variables

"It's still web development, it's just way easier!"


Variable Result Description
<#cookies> A comma separated list of valid cookie names available from the request. To get the actual value of a cookie use the cookie name as a variable. If that's also a name=value pair then use the cookie name + underscore + pair name as a variable to get that value. (A space has been added after each comma on this page to allow the content to wrap.)
<#domain> The domain name of the current request.
<#file_accessed> 05/22/2018 01:40:03 pm The last access time of the file (on the system, not looking at hits).
<#file_exists> True Returns True if the file requested exists, else it's False.
<#file_modified> 10/13/2014 06:25:35 am The last time the file was modified.
<#file_name> request Just the name of the file requested (no extension/type).
<#file_request> request.wrival Just the file name requested.
<#file_size> 4881 The size of the file in bytes.
<#file_type> wrival The type of the file requested.
<#folder> variables The folder between the load folder and the file requested (like path, but without a / before and after it).
<#live_server> The live server name (same as server_name_live).
<#load> live Dir to load from.
<#objects_location> For Development use only. The path and file where the (majority of) objects will is to be loaded from.
<#path> /variables/ The path between the load folder and the file requested.
<#protocol> http The protocol of the request.
<#query_string> The whole query string even if there's a query field, which is how they may differ
<#request> /variables/request.wrival The file requested with path (like page, but stays constant). (Same as uri.)
<#request_location> The path and file that will is to be loaded.
<#request_method> GET Get, Post, etc.
<#script_name> /cgi-bin/wrival.fcgi The name of the script currently being ran.
<#server_address> The server's IP address.
<#server_name> The current server name.
<#server_name_edit> The edit server name.
<#server_name_live> The live server name (same as live_server).
<#server_port> 80 Usually is 80 for http and 443 for https (test for a secure connection)
<#server_name_preview> The preview server name.
<#sub> The sub domain name of the current request.
<#tld> com The tld of the domain name.
<#uri> /variables/request.wrival The URI (same as request).
<#url> The full URL.