Development Process

"It's still web development, it's just way easier!"

Build a New Website with Wrival CMS

  1. Prepare – Identify what you'll need the website to do.
    • List pages needed (home, about, contact, etc).
    • Identify the required navigation elements for a menu.
  2. Template – Build or find a template that will accommodate the site's navigation requirements.
    • Select one in the Wrival CMS.
    • Download one from another website and put in the Wrival Inserts <#title>, <#content>, and any others as desired. Those are what the pages populate.
  3. Pages & Objects – Build the content of the site.
    • Give each page a name and enter in the text, html, and Wrival Inserts as needed.
  4. Preview – Browse the site in the Preview realm.
    • Make adjustments as necessary to ensure that results are working as expected.
  5. Publish – Publish templates, pages, and objects.
    • Review the live site.