Wrival CMS Features

"It's still web development, it's just way easier!"

1. What is Wrival?

Wrival ( write + evaluate ) is a modern web language that is as easy to write as html tags, but instead of just being for formatting text, it offers the capabilities of a server-side language directly within any content.

Wrival CMS is a Content Management System that was created for building and maintaining websites. It's easy enough for basic personal sites and powerful enough for advanced e-commerce.

2. Content Management

A page's content is separate from its template, which makes editing it a breeze. Plus everything is done using just a browser. Wrival's simple editing structure:

Templates – The overall look and feel.
Web Pages – The content for a request.
Objects – Reusable data, images, and processes.

Instantly search and edit any content. Also, easily manage users, content access, and folders. Nothing weird, just solid tools that make sense.

3. Simplified Syntax

Wrival did away with excessive syntax and features variable and function names that are easier to use.

<#time + 45(days):month> July

Also, Wrival has a built-in text-to-html function (for when it's desired) and it's easier than ever to manually add an html tag to a variable:

<#domain;b> wrival.com

4. Easy Reusable Data

Simply enter in data or convert spreadsheets to database objects (copy and paste or upload) and reference the data within your web pages:

<#Products|101|Desc> Shirt
<#Products|101|Color> Blue
<#Products|101|Price> 14.95

Or use the entire table. There are many functions for sorting, rearranging, and recreating the results:


5. Built-in Conversions

Wrival features many built-in conversions. Apply them to any variable or value. Also, unlike other programming languages, Wrival allows mathematical operations with fractions and percentages directly inline.

<#50%(fraction)> 1/2
<#1.5(pound,ounce)> 24
<#1.5(hour,minute)> 90
<#10(mb,kb)> 10240
<#1 1/2 / 2> 3/4

6. Forms & Cookies

Collect and manage information from html forms. Form fields are automatically put into variables for use on the response page. The data may also be saved to a database object making it reusable for reports or other content. There are many built-in form fields for saving and deleting any type of content so building custom content tools is always an option too.

<input type="text" name="myField" value="123">
<#myField> 123

Setting cookies is just as easy too!

7. Publishing States

Wrival uses a "preview" realm, such as preview.wrival.com, which is exactly like the "live" realm (www.wrival.com), but also uses any new or modified content. This provides website editors the truest way to view, test, and prepare content before the live site uses it.

In addition, the "edit" realm is where the Wrival CMS is accessed for managing everything.

edit preview live

8. Collaboration Tools

Wrival CMS features tools for website editing teams. These include shared notes, files, links, a calendar, and a chat room. Work smart, all from one place!

9. Traffic Analytics

Analyze and understand your traffic. Reference the built-in reports or use the data to create your own.

10. Security & Configs

Wrival utilizes password protected access with high grade encryption for its preview and edit realms and another separate non-web-accessible area for storing sensitive data. Wrival also features real-time request evaluations allowing for unlimited ways of controlling access to content.

There are also various configurations for setting limitations and error management for the host level as well as the account level.