Functions for Text

"It's still web development, it's just way easier!"


  • <#text = "A value">
  • <#quotes = "A'B">
  • <#htmlinput = "<b>bold</b>"> bold
Type Description Example Result
Chop Chops the last character off. <#text:chop> A valu
Decode Decode a value from a URI. <#"a%26b":decode> a&b
Encode Encode a value for a URI. <#"a&b":encode> a%26b
Hide Process the object, but hide the output. <#text:hide>
HTML Enable Text to HTML function for the value. <#text:html>

A value

LeftOf Split and return left of the pattern used. <#text:leftof="al"> A v
Length Returns the amount of characters. <#text:length> 7
A file embed. <#/default.wrival:length> 2960
Line Return a specific line by line number. <#"Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 2
Lines The amount of lines the object's value has. <#text:lines> 1
A file embed. <#/default.wrival:lines> 71
Lower Converts to lowercase. <#text:lower> a value
Reverse Returns the value in reverse order (use invert for reversing lists). <#text:reverse> eulav A
RightOf Split and return right of the pattern used. <#text:rightof="al"> ue
Safe View text as expected in a browser. Sweeps extra spaces and converts &, <, ', and " to HTML symbols. <#htmlinput:safe> <b>bold</b>
Strip Strips out all HTML Tags. <#htmlinput:strip> bold
Textarea Convert & to &amp; and then < to &#60; and > to &#62; , which disables all Wrival and HTML tags, and then converts all double quotes to &#34;, which makes values with quotes work for other input types. <#"<i><#date></i>":textarea> <i><#date></i>
TextRange Return a range of characters. Returns an length of characters starting at the first unless a range is used. If the value passed is a negative it return the last amount of characters. <#20181231:textrange="4">
Title Capitalize each word. <#text:title> A Value
Truncate Shorten the length of the value to the length defined. <#text:truncate="4"> A va
Upper Converts to uppercase. <#text:upper> A VALUE